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September 21, 2009



WOW you've been busy!!! Just caught up on your posting of the move. Thank goodness for strong men :)

Victoria S.

thanks for sharing those pix
if i ever can get someone to build it for me, i'd love one just like that!
Cant wait to see the finished room!


wow Laura! Your island looks so massive in these pics! Glad you got them down. I didn't know it came apart in pieces...was wondering how you got that down.
We have a 180 degree landing too..hard to move furniture on that!

susan d.

holy cow that's a desk!! where did you move it all to downstairs-the playroom?? i may missed that if you mentioned it before. having a mommy moment, i guess. hope it's all coming together like you planned.

Sandi N.


If the top is easy to get off. Maybe when the girls get older store their Christmas gifts in the open spot.

Thanks for takes for these photos. I have always loved your island.

Sandi N.

Sara Rossi

I am drooling over your island!! You are on your way to getting back to normal! I'm showiung this to Joe for nideas!!

danni p

wow girl, your island is huge!lucky!! i would trade you my pottery barn table any day. your mom rocks!
that is great that you can be right there with the kiddos,during the day.

Kathy (krolski)

Your island is a great design! Hope the moves goes smoothly and can't wait to see pics of your new space!


Fun that you are taking photo's during the move and sharing them all with us it's like being right there!


You are making progress! Are you able to scrap during the move?

Lynn Ghahary

okay why did i never realize your island is so BIG?!? 8 feet on one side? wowzers! no wonder you are sore girly! i love the play by play photos ... thank you for indulging me and letting me live vicariously through you! hee hee! ;)

Mary Lynn

That is total awesome piece of furniture your Mom made for you.
How long did it take her?
I like how it all came together


my goodness is that a LARGE island. i knew it was big, but dang gurl, that's HUGE! ok, Corinne & i are packing up my studio & our suitcases & we're moving in...LOL! may need to add on to your home now ;-) hahaha. love the island & the concept of how it was made!!!

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