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December 16, 2009


Heather Jordan

Sounds like a perfect gift idea! Can't wait to see the finished project.
I made one of those 7 gypsies printer's trays for my parents. Turned out pretty cute!


That is such a great idea for Christmas presents. Pictures are the most valuable things to us!

wendy myers

This is such a cool idea, where do you get the collages printed?

Sandi N.


This is a very thoughtful gift for someone.

I look forward to seeing them soon.

Sandi N.

Rhonda Steed

Great gift idea!!!!

Sara Rossi

What an amazing idea!! Sounds like something anyone would love to get!! Can't wait to see!


Cool idea! I have always wondered if you can save something like that on a zip drive and just take it to the Costco here and have it printed in an hour? Is that how you do it, or do you do it online? I am so ready to buy the KI Colorful digi products to do a project like this!

How did the rev. war project come along?


Love this idea and have done something similar for family in the past and it was a big hit! Can't wait to see your amazing creation!!!!!

krolski (kathy)

Can't wait to see it! I've made photo collage scrapbook pages on 12 x 12 paper and framed them in the scrapbook frames from Michaels. I gave them as gifts too and people really seemed to like them. It's a fun gift!


Looks great. Can't wait to see it. I love your ideas!

Laura T.

Can't wait to see the finished project!!


beautifully done!!

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