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February 10, 2010


jen shears

VERY pretty, Laura! You are full of Valentine inspiration!! :)


Laura this is so pretty and easy. Before I read the directions I thought you glued all the hearts on. Glue dots would be easiest. I'm glad you put that in there. I can't seem to have time to go to Michaels to get these crafty things to make. I might make some and leave up for awhile after Valentine's Day. I like that it has a ribbon to hang it up by. Thanks for sharing another cool idea.

Mary Lynn

That is ao cool. I like how it came out. Great job. It is so easy to do


Love, love this :) Sorry about your broken heart...glad you were able to mend it!
I'm loving all the valentine day projects you've been sharing! I love making things to hang around the house...just adds a nice touch!!


This is absolutely adorable Laura - thanks for sharing such a cute idea! i could totally see a few of these hanging from the ceiling light over the table. suzy

Heather Crawford

Very cute Laura..I've been enjoying all of your little projects! ;)

Sara Rossi

GORGEOUS!! Love the idea! I have a heart like that hanging around somewhere..need to find it & get to work! Laughed so much at the broken heart comment!!

wendy myers

Very pretty and very simple. I love the broken heart joke - I laughed!!!



Wow...your pink button heart is lovely. You
put so much time and thought into this project. Thanks for sharing. Forgetting the photo. I do this too. It is another snow day here in Ohio. I was playing a great game of hide and seek with the girls and forgot to take a photo of us playing together. Would have been perfect for the photo of the day.

Glad you heart has mended:)
Sandi N.


I just had a cuteness heart attack all over my keyboard! LOVE it!!

Tiffany E.

Super cute, really love all of those buttons!! Great project!

Kim M

I adore buttons and that is simply adorable!!


What a great project! Thanks for sharing!

cindy johnston

so sweet Laura! Where do you find the time to be so creative!? LOL so glad you do! :D

Rhonda Steed

Totally cute!!!! I love it! I'll have to make one to go with my ruffly felt heart I made!!

Sasha Farina

i love your broken heart! although it's looking like it has never been broken now all prettified!

Sonia (Sony)

Look fabulous and chic. Love all the buttons. Thanks for sharing! ;-)



VERY CUTE!!! What a great way to put those buttons to good use :)


What a great idea! Wish I had seen this before! I covered mine in felt circles....LOL! Love the look of the buttons..and the tiny brads randomly placed. Thanks for sharing.

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