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April 09, 2010


Sara Rossi

Always good to scrap older pics! The girls are so cute & tiny!! Great LO to preserve a sweet memory!! And I'm the same way about keeping certain toys of theirs that I can't let go of!! ;)

Patricia Kumfer

As always, Laura ... AwEsOmE Layout.;o)


So cute. Look at that toothy grin!


I assumed the date tab was the "a" and read it that way.
Great LO. So cute.


When it comes to treats bossy is the only way to go! I need a Starbucks NOW!! lol Love how tiny the girls look, considering you have an almost HSer!


I saw this over at jb this morning but was waiting to see if you were adding to it. The girls are so cute, love the toothless smile. That's a great toy to keep around for daycare and grandkids one day. Love all the colors you used on the layout.


This is such a well designed layout!! (Well, every page you design falls under this category!!) Love the sweet pics!

Krista Lund

great mix of colors and patterns. i esp. like the brown dot pp.


I saw this the the JBS yesterday!
You know I love seeing pics of the girls when they're so little! Love these pics and this LO. The products work so well with these pics!

wendy myers

The girls look so small and so dang cute. The layout is simple and sweet!

alicia king

geez, bossy! lol! they are so little oh my goodness! so cute!

Megan Cristello

Helllllooooo.... long time no comment. I had to come over and let you know, today..Raygan walks up to me and said..Did you know Laura Vegas got some bangs? Omgahh. I died. I told her yes..I saw..and asked her what she thought of the new "do"..and she said...it was looking good. So, sleep well tonight knowing that Raygan likes your new haircut. PS. the layouts rock!

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