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May 20, 2010


jen shears

Love 'em! I'm with you on the back & forth of bangs... they look way better with straight hair though (mine is curly too)- or so my stylist tells me. May have to fight the curls to cover the wrinkles on my forehead!! *giggle*


Laura, I LOVED this layout over at Jillibean! Your new hairdo is GREAT!


I know what you mean about having the same style for years. I picked one in 7th grade and never changed it, untill last August after my 40th bday. I do not like changes of anykind but did it anyhow. I struggle all the time on how to wear it. It's been 9 months and I really want my old hairstyle back. I do it stright some days curly others, it never comes out the same twice. I love your bangs, looks really good on you. Good for you being brave and just doing it. I love the layout too by the way. Thanks for sharing.

wendy myers

Love your hair and the corrugated alphas!

Just remember it's hair and it will grow back, at least that is what i always say!

Kathy (krolski)

Oh, I love this LO Laura! I need to get some of those corrugated alphas! And your hair is so cute! Love the bangs!

Laura T.

Oh, I love this layout, and love you with bangs. I've been starting to wear bangs too these days ... I wanted a change too. I'm still debating whether or not I want to go short again.


I love your new look girl...and of course I loved the curls. But I totally understand needed a change sometimes.
Love the colors here and those corrugated letters :0)


I love the corrugated alphas! I didn't know they came in GREEN!! I need me some of those!

And I love the bangs! I did the same but I've decided to grow them out. I need a new blog photo now! lol


Great layout & lovely new hairstyle :) I'm thinking of getting something different done to my hair this summer too.


You look great! Love the bangs.


Really like the new hairstyle! It looks great on you!

Sara Rossi

We all need change sometimes. I love the new look & your profile pic is beautiful!! So is the LO! This really brought out your eyes! And for the record I've always been a "bangs" sort of girl... ;)


Love the new look the bangs(here in Australia we call it a fringe) really suit you.

Sandi N.


Bangs...that is what is new! I have been trying to place what is differnt about you. Boy, sometimes I worry about myself...LOL You look great! Love the new headshot on FB too.

Have a great weekend:)

Sandi N.

Susan from Maryland

LOVE the hair!!! Now you've got me thinking that I should give it a try, too. My hair is curly like yours, but i straighten it.
Thanks for all your inspiration!

Vera Wirianta Yates

Great new pic, Laura. BTW, did you watch Grey's last night? You better catch up on your 20 hours of recorded show. Hint: last night show ROCK! :)

Sonia (Sony)

Hi Laura
Beautiful layout, love the color combo also love the corrugated letters.
Love your new profile photo.



Love the layout. The alphas are one of my new favorite things. The new photo is gorgeous, and you look fantastic with bangs.

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