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July 01, 2010



Such a nice surprise for my morning when you have something up already to see. I love how you did this layout and seeing her face with all those books. That's too bad about the lockers, just doesn't seem right. Our kids have lockers plus some teachers give the kids an extra book to keep at home all year so they won't have to bring home those books at all, which is one less for my girls to carry. I love love how you show all your details and up close. That charm is so cute and love the flower again too. Thanks for sharing!!

Heather Ruwe

i remember those pics and i think they are super fun....great layout! :)

julie okada

holy cow! what a load to carry around, poor girl. Love the page and what a great idea to document it.


Love the layout!

My GK are lucky the PTA's in the middle and high schools provide a "take home" set of books and the teachers keep a set in the classrooms for the kids to use at school. So they only carry them home in September, then back in June.

I CASEd your photo of Alyssa a few weeks ago and got a pix of Will with his pile of books.


Wow! That is a ;ot of books for her to carry!!! I love that paper, and your design, as always!!!


great layout! ... and lots of books!

Sara Rossi

I remember those pics!! I'm still amazed that she had THAT many books & had to lug them back & forth to school!! LOVE that you made them into a LO--those papers are so perfect for this!


Super cute, fun layout! Poor kiddo! I think at my school, they give them a second set of books to keep at home so they don't have to lug them back and forth - I could be wrong, though, but I thought I heard that!

Laura T.

Love the layout and LOVE the title. I may have to scraplift the title from you. Nicholas participated in a read-a-thon a school this year to see how many books he could read in six weeks. He read over 150 books. This would be a great title to go with the picture that I took of just a "few" of the books he read.


i remember that day. great memory. :)

Erin Bassett

Oh my word, that's a lot of books!! Maybe someday they'll just get to take Kindles or laptops back & forth from school!

Beautiful layout!!


oh girl, I love the colors here and I love love those corrugated letters!!!

Kathy (krolski)

Great layout! Love the pile of books in the photo and love that school charm!


I love this layout Laura! The journaling is great too, I love how you wrote about Sarah offering free backrubs. What an awesome sister!
When does alyssa start high school? Will she have lockers there? Only one of my three boys had lockers. They lugged a lot of books in their day, I don't know how these kids do it!

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