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July 06, 2010



So glad you have yours!!! Love mine, and cannot wait to see your project! Kitchen????hmmmmmmm


This does look easy and cool to have. I saw the word kitchen also hope we see something soon.


I just got mine last week! I got the pink set because I have a pink room, even though I have the pink/green slice! Do you use your mat with the Slice only, or do you use it for other things? Thanks for the video and info! Are you going to CHA? I don't even know where it is this year!

Sara Rossi

Love mine!! I got mine in pink to match my slice....Love being free to do other stuff while it's cutting. I was so excited to get it & I showed Joe & Marissa how well it holds but didn't show them the video...they weren't as excited as me. ;) Can't wait to see the new projects you're working on!


Hey Laura, I love my hands free kit too!!! That's all I use now and it really is so much better to be able to walk away and do other things while it's cutting. I did have a harder time using it before when I had to hold the machine down to cut. I used to waste paper all the time.


that mat is the best thing since "Sliced" bread...lol, I'm too funny!!
You know I love it!

Kathy Wade (krolski)

I would love to have one. Can you get them in the stores yet? Do you know?

Heather Ruwe

i've been wanting one of these! carla and i are going on a scrap weekend soon and i'm so excited to try hers out! :)

Eileen Van Dyke

I've had mine for awhile now and I love it! It does seem to cut better with it. Have you tried to cut fabric with it? Can't wait to see what you have been making!


I love my hands free mat!!! I too love my Slice! I have alot more disks for that and use it more than my Cricut!

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