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July 30, 2010



OK Laura, you're making my eyes tear here. She's so sweet and you words were a perfect goodbye! I think its so sweet that you have a special gift for her parents :)


What a beautiful little girl!!! So sad now, but luckily she will still be constant in your lives!!

Lynn Ghahary

awww this is beautiful my friend! it is the right time for haley to move on and just know that you have forever made a spot for yourself in her sweet little heart just as she has done for you and your family. xoxo

Sara Rossi

Awwww! This brought tears to my eyes! She will be missed. Big {hugs} to you both!!


Oh...this makes me sad for you...but such a wonderful post Laura...Miss Haley I'm sure has been and will be very blessed to have you in her life...she is one adorable little girl!


Oh, how bittersweet! It has been fun watching her grow up on your blog! I remember how sad it was leaving the wonderful daycare providers we had when it was that time. You definitely make a difference in the little lives you touch! (And their parents' lives too!)

alicia king

i feel as if i know Haley too! just watching her grow up in pictures! lol! that would be so hard to have them all these years and then watch them move on...i don't think i could do that!


oh man you made me cry!! Can not wait to see the layouts and gift, I am sure it will be priceless.


awww this is so sweet and sad together. She is just beautiful and love her long hair. I'm sure she will have fun at pre'k and make lots of friends. Can't wait to see what the gift is you made her parents.


I forgot to put that I just got back from vacation and it was so nice to see that you had a lot of new posts for me to see. I missed my computer this week but had a great time in Miami Florida with my oldest and met my soon to be new in-laws and they are so sweet and wonderful.


*sniff*sniff* I think we all feel like we know and will miss Haley - this has to be hard but good :) the book is amazing - what a special gift you gave them, they are lucky to have you!!


So you have my tears flowing. I have real busy with work and getting Haley ready for school that I haven't checked your blog. I think I also have put this off as I have had a hard time letting go myself. Your family is always welcome to visit and hang out. Haley just said today, "I want to go to Laura's." She misses all of you alot. I know this isn't the end but its been a hard adjustment for us. We will keep in touch :)
I post pretty regularly on facebook. You have to see Haleys first day of school. Haleys mom, Sarah

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