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September 01, 2010



I first want to say that is so brave. I find when I do purging like that I must get rid of them right away, before I change my mind! lol How do you organize the remaining is it by brand? letter?

debbie susee

I did the same thing last year and haven't regretted it yet. :)

Angie BLom

this is what I do with my letters too. I love the snack size zip loc bags.. so handy to have around. love that you could just throw out your negative pieces.. I have a hard time throwing away anything.. but I think it is time.. maybe I will keep one of each to use for misting.


YOU TOSSED THEM??? I choked on my snack when I read that. lol ;) Sometimes you just have to toss stuff out right? Be DONE with it.

I love the organizing tips. I'm storing them in my brain for my "laundry room becomes project room" make over.

Jersey Girl Anne

I was just going through old Creating Keepsakes Mag and saw your scrapbbok room featured. That was when it was up in the loft!!! Now they will have to come back and feature your new space!!Now i have a Q. If you take everything out of the original packaging how do you keep track of what is what when you do layouts for different companies and magizines?

Sasha Farina

okay.. that is a lot of negatives pieces! lol.


I did this too, once my friend shared her process. I was a little afraid to give up the negative pieces, but as you said, ignore the voices!!!! LOL
It looks fabulous, and I cannot wait to see the rest! (:


i was SO laughing at this post... i am exactly the same, making excuses how and when i can use it when i know i never used that particular technique or embellishment :D
you are so brave, Laura! i guess i can use a little organizing too :) thanks for sharing

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