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December 11, 2010



thanks for sharing your printing space! You are always full of great ideas!
I had some HP paper but it wouldn't work with my epson. The only other non-epson paper that works with it is Costco's Kirkland, lol...


I have used this paper for years and yes it is really the best. When you told me about the awesome price I had to jump at the chance to order and they even had it in my 4x6 size too not as good of a price on that but still a good price for it so thanks my friend for letting me know about the great deals you find :)


I too have used the HP paper for years. They have changed the name many times, but weather it is soft gloss, or matte (what it used to be called) it is awesome. My only complaint is the weird texture on the back which makes it harder to adhere to pages. I am glad you said that about Kodak printers, I was just wondering. They tout that they are cheaper because their ink is cheaper, but if it doesn't print or scan well, then it is of no use. My main printer is an HP B8500 (wide format) and I love it. Thanks for the post.


One more thing...HP paper and Epson are not friends at least not my printer. I will never buy another Epson, you cannot do custom page sizes and if you run out of ink the entire thing shuts down so can't even scan. Very aggravating.


I bought 4 packs of that paper thanks to you!! I know it was a good deal because I just bought some a few months ago, and it was like 3 times that! Thanks for the tip!


Thanks for all the info, Laura! I have that new version of your printer, not the newest, and I agree, I love it! I love that paper, too, and it isn't always easy to find at Staples! Great price though! Hey, have you gotten the kinks worked out of PS and your 50D? I can't wait to see how you like the camera!

Sandra A

Thanks for the great bargain tip. I ordered three packs for less than what one would normally cost. Yay!


Thank you for all this information, like how you have yours set up. We just bought a new printer a Canon pixmapm270, it copies, scans, prints and so far the scanning is working for us. I scanned some papers from the kids to put in my December Daily album. That is a great deal on the paper, thanks for sharing with us.

Lisa Westphal

LOVE that photo paper too! I use the same one. . .and can't say enough wonderful things about it. I am totally going to scope out that deal you found on Amazon! :) Thanks!! Wish me luck :) -lol!


So glad you shared this. I so need a new printer. Its old and is turning its retirement forms in soon. :) Any suggestions for large format printers?

Helen Tilbury

Thank you so much for this great information. All very interesting & informative. You are so generous with your knowledge. I had a wonderful HP Photosmart printer but sadly if only lasted a few years & when I sent it to be repaired they couldn't fix it. This time I went for an Epson PHOTO TX 700W because I read so many graet things about Epson online. It's not that well represented here though so I have to order the cartridges (6 of them!) through the place where I bought it. I think they all chew ink...What would be interesting to know is how many cartridges you store in advance. I am worried about overstocking because apparently old ink is no good. I print all my photos at home because there is no matt option here but now I am having a problem sourcing the matt paper I used to use, so am thinking I will see if Amazon will ship to Africa & buy a whack of that online. I know if you love it so will i...I go through a full set of cartridges every month, which cost R1200 ($180) so it's not cheap...

Monika Sham

OMG I love that paper too! Thanks for the link. I'm going to order a bunch!


where did you get those black boxes? I still have the cardboard drawers that gotta go!

Sara Rossi

Glad you were able to bring your printers near your scrap room....that would drive me nuts to have to go back & forth upstairs to print. The cabinet looks like it has tons of room too! I had a Kodak all-in-one printer & HATED it. Now I have a HP Photosmart c8180 all-in-one & it scans beautifully--LOVE it! I think I need to check out the paper....

Angela R

I think the reason the wireless doesn't work is because the printer is in a cabinet and cant get a wireless signal all the time. Try taking it out and setting it on top of the cabinet.

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