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December 14, 2010



I love how you made this with hidden photos. Always wanted to do something like that. My second favorite is the title and the way you made it, looks cool around the circle like that.

Guess what, I don't scrap many Christmas photos either. I have tons packed away just waiting. That's one reason why I'm doing Ali Edward's December Daily, so I can have an album about our whole month without having to scrap it later. I'm loving it.
Can't wait to see Friday's layout.


love the 2-pagers and love even more seeing your family. family is what this is all about, isn't it. when I saw this in the book I thought how cute the title was and took a mental note to use in on a layout. very fun! congrats on the 2007 Christmas page. I am actually working backwards too right now. Have scrapped Fall/Thanksgiving pictures from 2009-2007. May hit 2006 today.
I figured doing them in batches would help- already have the mess..ha! Smiles from PA!

Melonie Madison

Love that the pages are interactive! Fantastic looking LO!

Helen Tilbury

Lovely layout Laura! My family think I'm a bit OTT but I make hubs & kids all dress in "anything red and/or green" on Christmas day because I want all the Christmas photos to colour-co-ordinate lol....I'm also not crazy about scrapping Christmas photos - such a busy time then the year starts & there is always more to scrap by then!


Like all the little details on this. Can't wait to see more on Friday :)


Love the flaps! What a great way to use all your pictures. Those photo turns are just too cute. Great idea. If I ever find time to scrap again, I just may have to try this style.

Happy Holidays!

Suzanne Sergi

Love this page, and the fabulous enclosure!!! Fabulous idea!


There is nothing wrong with the colors of your layout, I say scrap what you want they are your pics. Also I can't believe you are soooo far behind on scrapping your Christmas photos! Shame on you, I am only 3 or 4 LOL!

And I love how you did the flaps, I always have way too many pictures, I am thinking of just doing a Christmas Book and putting every year in the same one.

One more thing sorry to babble... I think it's funny, I always pick my title and work my page from that. It gives me the idea for the whole layout.

Anyway I Love the page, the colors and especially the flaps. Great Job!


this is gorgeous girl! You really got a ton of great pics (as always) and really worked it with the flaps!!!

Sara Rossi

LOVED this in the magazine! Though I have to confess...I sat there trying to figure out what they had written then had a sudden lightbulb moment! LOL!! Your pics show it much better!! And BTW--I haven't scrapped any Christmas pics yet either!

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