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February 17, 2011



So, so cute, Laura! The pictures, the paper, the whole layout!

I saw the almond trees blooming on the way to work yesterday, and thought of you! I have yet to take my girls to get their pics taken in the orchard! I am too chicken to get caught by the owner!


One of my favorite layouts! Way too cute. Funny Holly bought a large lolly pop at Christmas time to use for her photo class at school but I never did get any of her with it darn it now I may have to buy her another one LOL.

Mandy Szeto

cool texture on the lollipop title. Where you get it?


SO SO cute!!! Love the expressions on her face!! I am really wanting the embossed cardstock. I love the look of it!! I really like all of the texture and dimension on your page!! Perfect colors too!


DARLING layout, what grabbed me were the letters popped from the page, I keep doing that too! Gives such GREAT dimension!

Stephanie Buice

I LOVE it!!!!! She is adorable!


so darn cute!!! Love the pics and that paper is fantastic.

Michelle King

Love the pics and the techniques you used on your layout! Awesome!

Sarah Klemish

These pictures are just soooo cute and you layout is darling!


love it love it laura, she is cute. this paper is gorgeous and I love alpha's too. they are perfect on any page.

Carla Tarabus

OMG, this is SO gorgeous!! Look at Sarah! I feel like I know her personality so well even though I've never met her, except on the phone, lol!
I love the touches of purple! I would never think of a color scheme like that and next time I order supplies online I'm getting that paper!

Laura T.

Love this layout. I love all the different letters you used for the title (and love the title by the way). Sarah's hair looks so cute like that.


that's it... i'm bribing my 3 year old! :) love the work. i've got to find the corr alphas... where do you get them?


This is totally awesome!!! WOW!!! The red letters really POP of your page here!! Thanks for the inspiration!


Love the pigtails and her facial expression - too cute!! Very nice layout of course - love the clean lines of your pages :)


Love this photo, your right it does show off Sarah's personality (based on other photos ive seen).

jen shears

this is so fun! lots & lots of texture- and love the journaling- ha! speaking of texture- got my awesome mag today- thanks! can't wait to sit down & enjoy every single page!!! :D

Jennifer Yates

so cute Laura! Love those photos and her cute pigtails! :)


I can see why you love corrugated alphas. I've never tried it before but thanks for the idea.

Suzanne Sergi

Such a fabulous page!!!

Sara Rossi

This page makes me laugh! LOVE everything about it but Sarah's face is the BEST!! And look you scapped with PURPLE! LOL!!

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