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May 25, 2011


Guiseppa Gubler

Love this Laura...so cute and the memories are forever!

Sara Rossi

What a great way to include some of the blurry pics! I didn't realize these were collaged either--GREAT idea! Isn't it crazy how fast time flies when we're grown up? So cute that the girls are going back to help out at the concert! You've got amazing girls!

jen shears

love this spread- all the elements are so great together. the tiny type on the canvas tag is genius! And I totally get how fast the time goes- scary that mine is in kindergarten & I ALREADY feel that way! yikes.


I loved this in the magazine and I love the different photo sizes! Will have to try that! TFS!
And yes, this year did go by fast!


this is great!! I love all the photos. I too didn't realize it was a collage! She looks so tiny standing with all of her friends in the one photo on the left side. My Brit is one of the smaller girls in her class too.


This is a wonderful layout for a wonderful event. I still remember you talking about it last year and having to leave Sara at home and how Allysa was in the papers the next day. Man time has gone by fast. So cool that they are going back to help the band. Your doing a great job with those girls laura!!

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