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June 27, 2011



What great family photos to share. I love Alyssa's new haircut, noticed it right away. Tell her she looks so pretty and grown-up. How fun to do all that celebrating at one time, that's how our April/Easter is for our family. Maybe you will make a layout soon with these, hint hint!! Have a good Monday.


That is a lot of birthdays all rolled into one. Happy Birthday to you all. These photos are a blast. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Staci@tales from the s*crap*room

Okay, I have to tell you that while watching my daughter play softball and family showed up at the park and the mom and daughter looked just like you (with your curly hair) and Sarah!! I had to do a double take. I told my mom and she said "maybe it is them" and I laughed because I highly doubt that you would bring Sarah all the way to Utah every Sat. just to play softball!

Laurie LaRiviere

Thanks for sharing, such great photos! Your oldest daughter, Alyssa really look a lot like you, and Sarah looks a lot like Joe...they are both adorable. My daughter just cut a lot of her hair too, a shoulder length bob like Alyssa's, she likes it better that way, but we grow it out for the rest of the year so she can bun it up for rectial in June...girls are high maintenance...lol


Great Photos Laura!! Always amazing!! Glad you had a wonderful family day!! :))


Some great pics here girl!! I feel like I know Sarah soap well already, even though I haven't met her :)

Cindy Johnston

those are great pics laura! looks like a great family

alicia king

ha ha 'smile mode'! my daughter does that and goes into posing mode too :) alyssa's haircut is cute!

Monika S

Ha Ha!! And I thought we were so creative and original. We write our names on Red cups too. I should really scrap a page about all the red cups I need to clean up after everyone goes home.

Great family photos!

Sara Rossi

Looks like you all had a great time! I like the idea of one big celebration--extra fun for everybody! Great pics--like how Sarah got the shutterbug fever!

Krista Lund

kudos to you for getting in some of the pix :)

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