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June 08, 2011



wow laura you are a busy girl these days. i love the way you organized your paper. the labels are fun and perfect too. how awesome to have all that paper to play with and inspire you. it always feels good to clean and sort and reorganize our scrap supplies. my space needs a good pick up too. thanks for sharing this with us.

Karen H

Laura...your labelled paper looks great. Thanks for showing how you organize your papers.


It is looking great. I have these shelves too but I just have crap tossed on them here and there. I really need to get some holders and some baskets to organize everything as well. Still not sure how I want to do it but been collecting ideas and keeping my eyes open.


You have been elevated to goddess-like status in my scrapbooking hall of fame! Love what you've done here, Laura. :)

Laurie LaRiviere

wow, you have a serious pattern paper collection! Mine is stored in plastic 12 x 12 drawers which are housed in an armoire, I don't really like to look at the plastic drawers so this works for me. I organize them by design: flowers, stripes, polka dots, words and misc. meaning any old pattern. That misc drawer is huge, need to weed through that every once in awhile. Your scrap space looked great in the CK creative spaces book, I know it's your old space, but it still looked great anyway!

Lynn Ghahary

serious organizational heaven. :)

Felicia Young

Laura, you gave me the greatest idea! Thank you and if you don't mind I am going to lift this idea from you, lol! I too have a lot of pattern paper and I was getting frustrated and pretty much misplacing my favorite papers. Another great idea and I am going to use this starting tonight and I have some time to start too. Thanks Laura excellent excellent idea:)


You've inspired me to finally tackle this project! I don't like having my paper in the armoire where it lives now as I can't see it. I have the Cropper Hopper paper holders and the Expedit. I just need to figure out how to evenly cut the paper holders to fit on the shelves. I wish I had cut them before assembling as it would have been so much easier before they were creased. Oh, well...


WHOA that is a lot of paper! Even though my stash is teeny by comparison (seriously), you've still inspired me to try to organize it just a little bit better. We'll see how this goes!

Suzanne Sergi

I did this awhile back, but did not label the front as cute as you did!
Thanks for the inspiration! You are very organized, as well as talented!! (Thanks for font, too!) I missed that one(;

Diana Waite

Dang-that's a lot of organizing! I actually purged some paper that I had that I'd had forever and then some I didn't see myself using, felt good. I do need to go through and label though...Good for you!! :)


You are AMAZING!! You should feel very proud of yourself!!! You are inspiring more than a few scrappers to organize their paper stash this weekend!


looks purdy :) can you please organize my brain as well because I couldn't remember for the life of me if I had commented or not, lol!!

Laura T.

Love how you organized your paper. My papers are still organized by color; however, I may want to change this soon to be by manufacturer so I can find papers that easily go together.


It looks great!! You do what I do.. divide by mfrs. I have 8 cropper hopper's in my closet. After this big ol box of goodies that came today, I need to reorganize again!! But, that is perfectly ok. I LOVE my goodies!! ;)


I love the way you've organised your paper! Going to steal all these ideas to bring some order to the mess at my place that is going to be cleaned up 'one day' =)

Sara Rossi

Confession: I still have paper from when I first started scrapping in 03. And I do need to clean out my papers but I've been procrastinating--what else is new?

What I'm curious about is those cropper hopper paper holders...how do they fit in your expedit?? I have a 2x4 expedit by my desk & they won't fit. :( Did you trim the cropper hoppers??

Great way to label your holders. I just use a label maker...but I LOVE that font!! ;)


girlfriend! that is some serious paper collection!!! i use those paper holders too, but for my cardstock.


Love the idea. I actually have mine kind of scattered all over the place a little bit in one place a little in another. I think I will start this project real soon so I can get more organized.

Anne F

This is awesome! I think I have about 10 of those and basically organize my pp the way you do (I have the same weird talent of recognizing pp - lol!). But I must say, yours looks so much more organized with the labels (and the Expedit shelving doesn't hurt). I haven't gone through my pp in a LONG time. I'm afraid. So very afraid. Can you please come over and sort mine for me? ;)


I love the way you organized your paper, but did you have to trim your cropper hopper paper holders, or are they making those a little shorter now, I bought one and it was too tall for my expedite. Love your scrap rooms, old and new!


I love your page!!!!!!

keep the entries coming!!!!!!!!!!!


Did you trim your Cropper Hopper paper files to fit in the Expedit?

Linda Willman

LOL... You make me feel positively normal!


Did you have any problems getting the cropper hopper paper holders to fit in the expedit cubes? It looks wonderful!

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