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October 26, 2011


Kim Watson

Congrats on the cover Laura. It is so cute & very different to the traditional Christmas one s from years past. So cool!

Aly Dosdall

love your cover layout laura! congrats!

Stephanie Buice

Laura Congrats! I really like the cover and think change in this case is good. Great Job!

Jennifer O.

I love the cover layout! Congratulations!

Melinda T

congrats! thanks for the reminder...i'm hoping mine's in the mailbox!


A much deserved cover layout for you. Congratulations! I love it.

Natalie (QSOgirl)

congratulations on the cover layout! it's beautiful :)


Too funny I received this issue last week and the first thing that I thought of was wow that layout totally looks like Laura's style but I knew that it couldn't be because that was not your child or one of the day care kiddo's! Love you style and I am always drawn to it.


Awesome cover LO! You do such a wonderful job keeping things "clean" and fun! I have received this issue and have just started diving into it, but there's so much on the internet to see...I need a few more Dr's appointments or lessons to wait for so I can see more of it;-)!

Carla T, yeah u know me ;)

Woo Hoo Girl!!! Congrats on the cover! I knew it was yours when I got it, that's how well I know ya;) lol!

Victoria in OHio

Congrats on your cover! My daughter also reads your blog every day on her own and when she saw the magazine she immediately said - that is a Laura Vegas Layout, i just know it! and she was right! we both love it!


I did notice when I got the mag that it was your cover, great job! and that little girl is just adorable! I love the little cooking embellies very cute :)


I KNEW this was your work as soon as I saw it. AWESOME job and such Laura signature style.

It seems that from reading above- your die hards fans know you..ha! And yes, btw, you ROCK!
Smiles from PA


I really do love your layout!---may have to'lift' it!


wow that is so cool...congrats you did an amazing job...


Such a cute layout and so much of you showing thru it. Love reading all the comments from your fans!! I too like the fall layouts best!!

Cindy Tobey

Fun layout Laura! Congrats!

Sara Rossi

Confession: Everytime I looked at the cover, I thought how it looked like your work, BUT because of the pic I thought someone else was scrapping in your style. Never thought to look at who actually did it. DUH!!!! **slapping forhead**

CONGRATS on the cover!

Eileen Van Dyke

Congrats on the 15th anniversary cover! It looks great!


This is a great layout! Congrats on the cover!

alison richardson

Greetings from Africa. Well done on your cover! I have just received my copy of CK in the mail (all the way from the USA to the tip of Africa) and loved knowing that it's YOUR page on the cover, because I regularly follow your blog. It is definitely worthy of scraplifting.

Krista Lund

congrats girl! awesome lo as usual!!

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