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October 21, 2011



WOW you got some great pictures of everything that goes on. We have been doing a few of these on Friday nights also. It poured during our homecoming game so we sat huddled under the umbrella the whole time. Thanks for sharing and Happy Friday to you!!


Fun pics! Brought back lots of memories from long long ago!! LOL I haven't been to a HS football game since my sr. year of high school. Brit went with a friend and her parents this year to ours. I asked her who won. She had no clue. Guessing she did a lot of what Sarah did. :)

Sarah Klemish

Great pictures Laura! LOVE football games!


wow that brings back a lot of memories... Thanks for sharing..


Love the pictures! My boys have done marching band (my younger son is still doing it as he's a senior this year) and those uniforms are soo hot! If your daughter and her band do competitions I hope you have a great season! We're halfway through our last (for a few years anyways) season and I'm so going to miss it next year.


Hey Laura! What settings are you using on your camera for the night time football games? My pictures always turn out burry.... THX!

Sara Rossi

You got some GREAT pics!! I haven't been to a HS football game in YEARS.

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