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October 17, 2011


Kate aka stinkydudette

Oooo... I hope you're referring to how high my stack is. Cos, well... At least a good 10 inches high! That is a rather conservative number, but I plead the 5th! lol.. I love Shimelle's classes, and I hope to win a free pass! =)


I am embarassed to say I probably have a stack about 36 inches high of patterned paper. I love buying collections of paper, but I think it would be fun to mix some of them all together.


My guesstimate would be somewhere between 24 to 36 inches of patterened paper. I need to get busy and scrap a bit.

Linda L

Oooow sounds like fun:-) I am not as bad as some....12 x 12 I would have about 5 inches of paper....but 6x6 It's more like 20 inches!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

I know my stash isn't as big as some, but since I deconstructed my craft room to set up a nursery, my stash seems bigger than ever! I probably have 16" of 12"x12" paper...if I include the plain cardstock :)


My guess would be 36" (easily) of paper... I know I have 2 large file drawers full, plus several shelves including more.... yikes. I have totally put paper away because it's just too special on a layout... which is really sad. What's even sadder is most of my layouts are plain cardstock. i've got to get out of this rut!

Linda E

Might be easier to measure my paper stash in feet. LOL! I must have at least 40+ inches of patterned paper and I still keep buying more!. Thanks for the chance!


Oh I'm sooo excited for you laura, this is the perfect class for you. Saw this and wanted to take it but don't have extra money right now so WINNING THIS WOULD BE THE BEST AND MAKE ME SOOO HAPPY!!

I can't believe some of these numbers from everyone, some serious stacks. Mine is about 10 to 15 and that's just the PP my cardstock is about 5 to 8 I think. To be honest though back in the beginning my stacks were probably in the 30 to 40 range.

Thanks for this chance Laura and have fun in the class.

debbie susee

Wow! I'm afraid to actually go over and measure my paper. I'd gues 16" maybe. Probably being conservative. I have been using a whole bunch to make kits for a teen scrapbook club.


Winning this class would be a lovely delightful fabulous break! ohhh i do love Shimelle's classes, the fact that you were invited to teach would be the icing on the cupcake! how lovely.


I didn't know you were going to be part of this. See what happens when I am gone for a week? LOL!
Do I really have to tell you how many inches? I have 20 Cropper Hopper paper holders and then add another 15inches to that. I am stopping there...LOL!

Paper is my favorite thing! Thanks for the chance to win. Now off to see where you are going to be..not that I am a stalker or anything...ha!


how fun! I probably have about 10 feet...lol...just kidding, maybe about 36-40 inches of paper, just a ton! Thanks for the chance to win, have a great time at this party!


Ohhh...just saw this class announced this morning. I would love to win a pass. I have about 36 inches.

Pick me - pick me...I have to win one of these times right?

Congrats on getting to be a guest teacher you ROCK!

Mrs Swiz

I have about 15 inches of paper......didn't realize how much I had until I actually looked. Yikes!


Oh my.. guess how much paper I have...well I can't believe I am saying this but I would say maybe 40 inches of paper.. Oh I love it all...

Thanks for the chance to win.. Happy Crafting


Oh dear, if I include my cardstock and my patterned paper (not counting my scraps) I would say at least 36 inches. I never thought to measure it so I guess now I have proof of my addiction but I love it all.... :) Thanks for a chance to win!


That's a funny question! I would guess for paper about 60"? I don't know. too much obviously


Good question maybe like 16 inches, or so.....

Kathryn B.

MY HUSBAND MUST NEVER SEE THIS COMMENT!OMGosh. I have a "tower" of pattern and cardstock paper. Argh, I stopped measuring after I hit 75 inches!


I'd think my stash is about 12-18" but I believe my patterned paper "affliction" has the potential to grow enormously! Shimelle's class could be just the thing I need... I already love her take on pretty paper so this party will be amazing, I'm sure! :)

Patty c

I have a solid 30 inches - all ready and waiting for me to get creative. I would love to be part of this class!


Yikes! I would guess between 48 and 60 inches. And that's after selling about 24inches at a yard sale, and adding some to a couple of large scrapbooking baskets for an auction. I definitely could use this class. Thanks, Laura.


Oh, Laura, I'm estimating numbers here, but I have two full shelves (30) plus another two drawers of scraps (12) plus a whole bag of my daughter's papers (4)on top of the pads, small and large, (8) I seem to keep buying. . . and that's just patterned paper. Cardstock, another shelf (15 more) plus a whole box of color coordinated scraps (at least 10) That's just all I can think of now.)Almost 80 - YIKES!) At least its all organized so I can use it, but seriously I need to use it up faster!!!


Let's see... 12 vertical paper holders approximately 4-ish inches wide, plus a couple of themed drawers stacked full.. I'm going to guess I've probably got 50+ inches of paper. Yowsers... I need to get to work!!

Lynsey Nolan

I am not going to say how much I have,but my friends call my stash the shop.I would love to win a place in the class to make a dent in my stash.

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