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November 04, 2011



I've been crazy busy this week, too many projects and babysitting and soccer tournments for us too.

this is beautiful laura simply beautiful with these colors and how pretty she is.

so sorry your family is going thru this major change without much notice. how awful to have your whole life turned upside down after 8 years. sending you prayers and hugs to help you thru it.


Love the layout and can totally relate to a crazy week and weekend. It's always that way this time of year for us. Tomorrow is my son's last marching band competition which means senior circle (where all the seniors speak and the band plays their show for the seniors as a goodbye to them) and since my boy is a senior this year there will be lots of tears. Hang in there and hope you survive your craziness! :)


I love that line too. It works so well with your photos. Great design as well. I can completely empathize with you on the work deal. Greg is not here much at all. He works for an elec. wholesaler full time and for a gas station chain hauling gas part time. The full time job changed his hours, making it an hour and a half commute to and from work vs. the 35-45 min. While it is not the extreme change Joe has had, it is enough that it is irritating and has taken away so much family time in the evenings---especially considering Greg has that part time job on the weekends. It's been months since that change, and we are still not used to it. I can just imagine what it will be like for him to get to and from work when there is the nasty MN/WI weather! It will take him forever to get home during those blizzards. Hang in there. :)


This layout is cute! I love the papers and the picture are too cute! Sorry to hear about the craziness going on... Hope things settle down soon!

Sara Rossi

I loved this in CK & laughed at the purple!! ;) Good luck on your haircut! I'm in need of one too. Your weekend sounds exhausting! I hope you get to rest some time in there!

Sheri Feypel

Seems like we are busy every week!

Sorry about all that is going on with your hubbys new job placement. Did you look into claiming all of the fuel on your taxes? I believe that you can if you drive more than a certain amt of miles? Might want to look into that. Why do all of the good employee's get "punished?"

Now I am pooped from reading your blog post, you are too busy!! I need a nap and you need a vacation! :)

Annette A.

Wow you are one busy lady....Have fun getting your haircut, usually that is relaxing. Your page layout is so cute...love the design..


Your daughters hair is so blond in this photo.

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