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January 10, 2012


April W

This is an awesome looking issue Laura! I love to scrap Summer most...pool pics, amazing colors, fun outings...it's the best! :)
- April W

Sandra A

Thanks, Laura. I live in the same area, so I end up with more Spring/Summer as well. I would love to have more Fall layouts.


I love to scrap fall! Thanks for the chance!

Lisa S.

This looks like a great magazine.

Julie Mitchell

Summer by the pool and our vacation photos. Oddly, I rarely take photos in the fall even if it's my favorite season.


Absolutely summer in South Africa:)


Its Fall for me! Thanks for a chance to win!

Misty K in Ohio

I love to scrap Spring the most. It is a new and fresh season.

Patty c

I love to scrap all the activities we enjoy in Winter - living in the northeast means loving the cold and snow!

Misty Munn

oh wow...this issue looks amazing!!! as for a fave season to scrap...SUMMER!!!

thanks for the chance to win this...you rock!!!

Felicia Young

This issue looks really fun! I love to scrap Summer and Fall! Love the colors in both seasons.

Susan McGrann

I love summer because I live at the beach. It is so easy to scrapbook with all the photos I take and the bright colors.


I love fall! The pumpkins and red, brown, and orange colors!

Marcia Scantlin

I love fall - it's so rich in color.


I love to scrap spring and summer. If I didn't live in Southern California though I think I'd prefer to scrap fall - we just never have a real one! lol Thanks for a chance to win a copy, it looks great.

Mary Jo

I scrap fall a lot! But I am noticing a trend towards spring as well :)
Not a winter scrapper at all.


Such a fun topic! I love to scrap fall! There are so many days to focus on that are special.


I scrap more spring and summer. I think we are just more active during those times of the year.

Sandy B.

I like to scrap the summer activities best--all about bright colors and sunshine.

Kim M

I love scrapping fall. All the glorious colors, especially my fav orange.

Jill Cruz

I can tell already this book is a must have!!! I love scrapbooking summer - they always end up being the best pics, and the kids are happiest! Pick me and I'll pay for shipping, seriously!

Michele S

Spring and summer are my favorite seasons to scrap. We seem to have more activities going on then.


I love to scrap summer. Everything is laid back and the colors are bright and cheerful.


Spring for me. All the plants and flowers are blooming and everything looks and feels so fresh!

Megan D

Fall. I live in a beautiful area with the best colors. I love the leaves and the pumpkins and the warm days. I can't wait to dig into this years photos.

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