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June 20, 2012



Happy Birthday Sarah Bear, gorgeous girl, congrats mum!


I hope you have the BEST year ever!
To Mom- we certainly cannot blink anymore because our girlies are growing and maturing SO so fast. My DD just turned 15 and while I am in awe of this sweet beautiful young lady, I am doing alot of reflecting lately. I guess we better buck-up, the teenage years are here. LOL!
Don't even get me started on driving...ha!
Here is PA they have to wait til 16 1/2 for license, but I will probably be making that 17...My DD has dance friends that are 15 and are DRIVING now.....(that is in another state), and that makes my head spin in a million different ways...

Again- HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH. You are truly a BEAUTIFUL young lady.
Smiles from PA!

Diana Waite

Happy Birthday to the BEAUTIFUL Sarah!! hope her day is WONDERFUL!!!

John Vonhof (papa)

As we have watched her grow, she has transformed into a lovely young lady before out eyes. She's a jewel. A funny sense of humor, headstrong, and quietly smart.It has been so great to see her blossom. And what she is is because of you and Joe. Great parents make great kids.


Happy birthday Sarah! My oldest turned 13 on Monday. Crazy, isn't it? You gave me a great idea to take a pic from each year and scrap a layout of her! Thank you!

Ruth G

A very happy (belated) birthday to Sarah! And congrats to you, Laura, for making it this far, again ;-)! It is so fun to watch our kids grow and I loved your Sarah timeline above! I wonder how my soon-to-be teen would feel about something similar to celebrate our 13 lucky years with her in our lives...
Anyway, I hope you had a fun day and continue to share your lovely family with us!!!

Sandra A

A happy belated birthday wish to Sarah! We see layouts that span different ages, and now seeing these pictures, we see the progress. You're beautiful Sarah! I kind of see that real spunk around year 5 starting to show up in your eyes. Enjoy being 13; you only have a year to do it.


Happy 13th Sarah!! What a beautiful set of pictures, I love the sparkling eyes and gorgeous smile each year, even toothless!! They do grow up fast don't they! Enjoy being a teenager and go easy on your mom, she's AMAZING!!

Hope all is well with you laura and family.
Sending hugs and prayers!


The 7 year old photo is my fave!
Happy late birthday!

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