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June 28, 2012


laurie lariviere

i had to smile as I was scrolling through these, my daughter is the same, tons of photos on her ipod, and they are pretty good like you said, actually my fave photo of all time of her and i she took on her ipod :)

Mary Lynn

Great Pictures. Both Angela and Eddie do the same thing.


This is so cute, love the photos. My girls would love to do this also, no iphone for them only for me. I do let them use my phone and I find some funny picutres of them.
That's great she does the picture a day and posts them. Can't wait to see the layouts!

Diana Waite

that's GREAT! I LOVE that my kids take pictures on their ipod touches--makes my life a little more fun to create something with a view from their eyes!

Summer Fullerton

I just downloaded photos from my daughter's camera they look the same ;)

Kathy Martin

What a world and life you live with teenage daughters! I can't imagine what that's like since I have a boy...a very shy one. Don't feel bad, Laura, I don't have an iPhone either! I'm more of a home body since I have just one child and we're not racing from this sport event to that trip to the mall. Christopher is like his father, more interested in intellectual activities than physical ones. LOVE that photo of the girls sticking out their tongues and then the wee one copying! Precious!


So cute! I can't wait to see the layouts you come up with. I love all the Bella Blvd. stuff. It reminds me of KI Memories (which I don't know if they are still in business). I have a daughter that will be 13 next week. Can't even believe it. Your girls look so much alike, they could be twins! My two oldest (almost 13 and almost 15) are really looking alike these days too.


oh yes!!! My DD's camera is always full of fun shots that she probably would nver let me take of her at this age..ha! I 'try' to download them every month when I do mine, but dang..it is hard keeping yp with so many devices..ack!
Thanks for sharing (and inspiring) once again!
Smiles from a 'very, very' hot PA!


Omg, they r so adorable!! Getting pics from their point of view is awesome!!i would have loved that in HS! I always wanted to take pics but it cost me too much $$ lol!

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