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June 18, 2012



So good that you got photo's at both events.


I agree, it's nice you took the time to get big family pictures. Everyone looks good, the girls are so big. How awesome you got to see your sister, I bet you had a blast with her.

So sorry for Joe's loss of family, how sad for all of you. My prayers and hearts go out to all of you.

Take care laura,


Two very nice pictures of your families - cherish those!


What beautiful families! The first photo made me smile and the second photo made me sad for Joe and the family. It is a true blessing that you all have each other to rely on and comfort each other during such losses. When it comes down to it- all we have are memories...I guess that is why scrapbooking is so important to us.
Warm smiles from PA!

Ruth G

It's always interesting the things that bring us together as families!

I'm betting your insight into the need for pictures of every gathering is part of what makes you a successful papercrafter! Thanks again for sharing your life, your stories and your wisdom! Especially during what must be a crazy busy pre-CHA time! (I know you're really great about personal responses, but I'd rather that you slept;-)

Sandra A

So sorry for the loss of Joe's brother and uncle. Makes us all reflect on the importance of family.

You are capturing all of it, and it will help you smile, laugh and cry.


beautiful photos Laura, so sorry to hear of your losses, that's so sad...family is so important, hugs my friend :)

Kim Thomas

I'm so sorry for the losses in your family, just heartbreaking. It's good that you took pics. More and more, I think it's so important to take them. We are starting to lose family too. Take care, and I'm sending you a hug. :)


Laura, I'm sorry for your losses. Your family has been through a lot. Take care.

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