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October 30, 2012



That's what I thought scrapbooking was suppose to be. Fun!

Kim Thomas

Super cute layout! It's a little different, and awesome as always. I cracked up when I looked at the pics. My daughter does this too. It looks like her in the pics. Lol! Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

Summer Fullerton

I love all those strips of paper I am going to have to do that on a future layout ;) thanks for the inspiration


I LOVE LOVE this layout and those pictures are too cute!! How funny to read about you not knowing how to scrap, hahah that is how I scrap everytime. Just sit and stare at that white blank till finally something inspires me to start. I think you did great adn even your quick handwriting is perfect.

Caught up on past posts, WOW your Saturday's are long. Thankfully we only have one athlete in our family. Sam had his last soccer game in the rain again and WON FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON. IT MAKES ALL THE SITTING IN RAIN/COLD/WIND JUST TOO SEE THEIR HAPPY SMILES.Next up is basketball which is MY favorite!!

LOVE LOVE the cirlces in the projects you made. How fun to fill them all up.

You are amazing as always laura, thanks so much for all you do and share!!

Kathy Martin

Cool page and even cooler that you made time to do a 'just because' page! :)

Ruth G

Good for you doing what you want to do! I love how things turned out, even if the process was a lengthy one for you! The colors and graphics are all very fun and go perfectly with the pictures! Have fun with more of what you want to do!!!
Scrap Happy!

Diana Waite

what a SUPER fun page! Way to ROCK it!!


love the page ;)

i have that problem all the time ... stare, sit, think, search, & repeat. i'm surprise that i finish a page sometimes.


I really love it Laura :) Sometimes the best pages aren't the ones we plan..

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