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November 12, 2012



You still have it so organized. Rooms, even big ones get messy. Funny about the little one "organizing" your mists. good thing he didn't figure out how to spray them.

Shemaine Smith

Loved this post Laura. At the end of the day you make it all work and rock your layouts! Thanks for the peek. I keep the pack and play in my bedroom and my studio is divided by a baby gate thank goodness!!


You scrap just like me! I have a super small desk, where I am also moving my sewing machine, and silohette around! My room is so small though, that I can't have a playpen in it :) Thanks for sharing... makes me feel normal, and that other people can function in a small space :)


I agree with girls above. Wonderful job with minimal space! Thanks for sharing.
I too have the same problem with space ( my area is shared in the bedroom) and juggling Sewing/Cutting machines around. One of these days I should take pictures or make a video and Post to my blog. :)
Thanks again for sharing. :)


I am sure having your space now on the first floor makes it much easier for you with the daycare children, but a smaller space at times is hard to work with. Looks like you have it down pat and you keep crankng out awesome layouts week after week. Had to laugh outloud when I saw the playpen pic- I thought: That is so Laura...ha...

Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer

My space is so small that I can't even fit two pages together, let alone get a laptop and a cutter. My space is 2'x4'. I want your space. :(

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