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January 22, 2013



I just LOVE this! The colors and patterns. Those feathers!!! Such a pretty page!! And look how little Alyssa was!!!!

Kathy Martin

So so CUTE! Great photos! :)


You really know how to work a feather. And these CHA layouts prove that...lol.

Another great layout- and do you ever sleep?
Smiles ~ Janet

Ruth G

You cracked me up with your comment about the daycare kids not wanting you to be productive! Kids have a way of making it all about them! And thankfully, they usually make it worth every minute of attention with lots of hugs, kisses and smiles (photo ops)!
I love all the fantastic colors on this LO! And it looks like you are really enjoying the green and I am enjoying seeing how you enjoy it since I love it, too! TFS!!!

Lisa P

You are so like me when it comes to being straight, even and such. The fact that you had to have them straight in order to have them a little bit tilted and had to make sure the tilting lined up... you speak my language. So funny. I'm not sure what that is called but my husband is sure it's a disorder of some kind :) I have to comment too on the feathers you've been using. I really was not a fan of the whole feather thing when I saw that was a new trend. I have to say you do it well. Maybe it's your clean style and it not taking over the whole layout, but you've made me see the possibilities.

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