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January 23, 2013



oh my goodness....this layout ROCKS my SOCKS. So much cutting- wow. Such a great color scheme- wow. A totally awesome time to document for Alyssa- was she wow'ed too?

You can tell that this layout took some time, and planning and cutting- but SO worth it. Thanks for sharing it!

Marcie l

Wow, that is an awesome layout!!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

Laura, this page is fabulous. I love every little detail on it. (And btw, you're not the only scrapbooker not doing a Project Life album this year!)

Linda Sweeney

It's so good I'm speechless!

Jeannie L

This layout is just fabulous! Really love every bit of detail and die cuts you added. Thanks for sharing.


Wow! It's enough to say wow to the concept of capturing Alyssa's week. Then you add the individual day's detail, and it goes well beyond the wow factor. I just can't come up with another word.

Kathy Martin

Holy! Wow! What a fab page! Well worth the time! Love the title!


What a fabulous page, Laura. Love it.


Love, did I say LOVE this page. But whew it is a lot of cuts. Great job!

Diana Waite

seriously FUN stuff Laura!


Laura, this page may have taken you "forever" but it is amAAAAzing and I hope it won't be the last divided page protector layout we see from you! The colours, design, topic... the energy from the insane schedule is translated right into the page and it just works so incredibly well. More please! :)

Kim Thomas

Wow, I know that took you forever to do, but it was worth it! It's just gorgeous Laura. I'm sure you and your daughter are both exhausted! I'm glad all of her weeks aren't that crazy, busy! Thank you for the inspiration. You are amazing! Take care. :)


WOW WOW WOW Laura, this is AMAZING AND MORE MORE AMAZING! I'm actually speechless, you hit this one out of the park, bookmarking it to save and do one day for our days even thought they aren't nearly as INSANE as her week. LOOOOOOOOOVE this so much!!


love this!!


What a schedule! What an awesome layout! I love the title - it's perfect. I'm guessing she slept all day Sunday!? LOL!

Nicole Mantooth

Laura, I have followed your page for a long time and I love your work so much.
I absolutely love this layout.
I do have a question for you. Where do you buy your color mist sprays? I want to get a few colors and trying to figure out the best place to get them.
Thank you.
~Nicole M.

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