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May 03, 2013



I like it!! I totally understand wanting to break up all the oak (I want to do the same in our house). What are you going to do with all the dots??? ;)


I love the "pop" that the vinyl makes in the look of your kitchen.


I love, love, love that! I don't have tile all the way up like that, but I've wanted to do something with my 4-inch backsplash. Great idea!

Also...did you see what Jennifer Johner did with polka dots in her house? Super cute!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

This is stinking awesome! What a cool idea. I would never have thought of it myself. Your kitchen is totally "you" now! It looks fantastic.


Oh my word, I just had a minute to sit down and read your blog. This project is unbelievable! You rocked that vinyl! Wanna come to my house? HUGS, you're awesome!


What a very cool project!

stacie d

Love seeing your finished DIY project!! How fun to have black n white dotty goodness in your kitchen! Love it, Laura!

Kim Thomas

I love it! That is such a great idea. I have vinyl words and quotes on walls, but why not tile? You are amazing, Laura. Thank you for the inspiration. Take care. :)


I like it...it's so you!! :)

Suzanne Sergi

Wow! That looks amazing, and cannot believe you did all that work! Love the character it adds to your kitchen!!!

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