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September 18, 2013


Diana Waite

I hear ya on the busy front--can't wait to see what it is you come up with!! ;)

Shemaine Smith

I have a break from daycare right now but I've been busy with my kids too! One's playing soccer, the other one is in Marching Band and with practices, half time shows and upcoming competitions I so know what you mean. Looking forward to seeing the new DT and your designs Laura.

Ruth G

I love the first photo with your Silhouette all locked and loaded and the playpen in the background! So very telling where you're at!
It is crazy busy! My daughter is loving high school, too, and is doing clubs 3 days a week plus marching band (their first home football game performance will be tonight.) I love that my daughter is having fun, but I am feeling a little worn out!
I can't wait to see what you create with those super fun pics and great mat you cut out! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

Erika Hayes

OK I love that the play pen is in the background on the first photo... it shows how those two parts of your life come together! That would be a FABULOUS Project Life photo!

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