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May 05, 2007


Kim j

Happy NSD. WOW i hope you got a lil bit of sleep last night, ohh i mean this morning. LOL!!

I love your scrapbook room. LOVE. IT.

I really, really love the IKEA shelves and your workspace. Your right they do not look cluttered they do look really artsy. Great job. The one thing that i kept looking at was the paint shelf and the MM magnetic boards. That just had my eye. Maybe it is the colors of the paint, but i think that may be my absolute favorit. Ask me again in a day and i am sure i will have another favorite because i love the room so much.

Have a great day :)
kim j


So many things to love! The embellishment shelf (have always coveted that) all those jars full of goodies! Your HUGE island (also covet that!) Great space to spread out and share your art with your girls. The IKEA shelves are great too, don't look cluttered at all. You did a great job arranging and organizing everything so that is it still functional and eye candy at the same time! I am also a country girl, but you have me thinking I'll have to give Nick a try! I've already told you how envious I am that your space is in a "family" room in your home. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


You know I love and drool over your room! I totally still love the buttons and ribbon jars just makes me happy! I just returned from Relay for Life opening ceramonies and where did this wind come from, sorry your out in it for soft ball.
I am off again in a little while so until next time.

Stefanie A.

Thank you so much for this post Laura! In three weeks I will be moving into my new scraproom and you have given me so many great ideas. I LOVE the Ikea shelves! You have made them functional yet pretty to look at and I'm going to try to get some of those. Thanks again!


Hey laura,
I know I already wished you a good NSD at the game. Love the mega post, took me much longer to look threw this one. I really enjoyed it. My favorite part of the studio pics was how organized everything was. I really loved the color coordinated buttons. Give me a call later.

kori babb

alright girl! you are way too organized! i thought i was organized. you have got me beat! :) what's NOT to love about your space! lucky girl you are!!! oh, and may i add...i have never seen so many jars of buttons!!! i'd have to say the ikea shelves are my favorite! i'm a sucker for ikea and i want those shelves. but seriously everything looks wonderful! i'm very envious! :) i'm in our unfinished basement w/ cement walls and a slab of carpet. ha ha i do have a nice bench and some shelves but nothing cozy like you're space! oh well....
oh, love the layout too! very cute! i'll have to go check it out at 2 peas!


happy nsd to you! i spotted your lo this morning and loved it! :D

Kim Bolyard


I am so jealous, your scrap room is amazing. I love how you used the wire bins for the chipboard and I am finding a shelf like you have to put all my paints on. How I wish I had room in my scrap space to have that shelf unit...it holds so much.
thanks for sharing.

and my the way love the layout at 2peas


What great news for you Laura - CONGRATS! Love all the studio pics, but favs have to be: all the yummy jars of ribbon, the MM paints all lined up, the magnetic boards, the thin wire embellies containers, IMAGINE in green, and I could go on and on. I have never been to an Ikea store, so I don't know which shelves are Ikea, but they all look great!


Hey Laura - I love your scrapbooking style. I often pull up your blog for inspiration and ideas. I was just admiring your scrap space Friday and had planned to ask about your island/table. I love that piece. Did you have someone make it for you? Congrats on the 2peas feature.


Hi Laura, I am an avid blog reader of yours...love your layouts and studio! So glad to see your work featured at 2peas, Congats!! I love your studio and how you set everything up. My favorite thing is the ikea shelving, definitely need to get soe of those for myself. I also love your embellishment shelf and all the little jars. Thanks for sharing the photos and your organizational ideas :)


Ok, just have to add one more thing...the buttons, WOWZA...where oh where did you get them all, and in every color, love them!!!

Erin Bassett

Ok, can I come over your house & scrap (or shop)????? I LOVE, love, love your studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Ikea shelving & all the embellishments in jars on the other shelf. I bet that really helps you see what you have & want to use it. -No wonder you have such great LOs Laura!


WOW, your shelves are great and so organized. I'd love to spread all of my supplies over an entire area instead of stashed in plastic drawers here and there. I think I would definitely use more if I could see all that I have (although my hubby might have a heart attack:)) When we build our new house, a designated scrap space will be a must. I love how you have sorted your buttons and ribbons, maybe I should start stocking up on those MM jars now. I also like your paint shelf. Pretty AND functional. Thanks for sharing all of your photos and tips.


Thank you for all the detail. That had to have taken some time girl, it is HUGE! My favorite thing would have to be all the jars full of ribbons and buttons, mostly the buttons. What is it about buttons that is so inspiring, especially when they are coordinated by color? AND totally full. WOWZA. I would love some of those buttons. I thought I was doing good having a little handful of several colors :) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, so generous!!


Holly cow!!! how beautiful is that scrap room!!! it's so well coordinated with all those jars of buttons and ribbons, the colors are amazing!
Is your room always that tidy?
i wish i couls have a scrap room looking like this. Just love it.
How do you organize the kits you receive? I really do not know how to store them before using them. Do you separate everything and store everything apart?or you keep them complete?


I LOVE your scrap room Laura and enjoyed looking through all of your pics. I love your big units ... I have a similar one in my scrapbook room, but one not 2, although you I could probably do with another one with all my stash!! My favourite photo is definitely the one with all your colour coordinating ribbons and buttons ... I love all the colour and now need more buttons so I can store mine like that!!


the studio thing makes me jealous...it's gorgeous, you know. I have 1/2 a wall in our office/den/playroom. ugh.


thank you for posting your pictures! love getting ideas from your very well organized room.
where did you find those metal cd sized baskets?? i need them for my MM foam stamps! i am stressed too--mine are still in the original packaging.
i'm in love with my ikea shelf--however i've only got 25 "squares of goodness"!
congrats on the 2peas feature--you are worthy in my book! woohoo!


I've been reading your blog for a while now after my friend Katy sent me a link. I really love your style of scrapping.

Love your scraproom photos, how I wish I had something half as good. I especially love the ribbons and buttons photo. This is how I'd like to store mine once I get my scrapping area sorted, it's not only great for scrapping but also looks good :)



Love your studio --- love the shelving. We are going to be putting our house on the market soon, and I've already informed my husband that I will be looking for a house with that extra room - just for my stuff (scrapbooking) and I plan on purchasing the shelves. I have admired these shelves in many studios and I need to have them too.

Love the way you incorporated your baskets in your room. I am a basket collector and will be decorating my "room of the future" with them also.

Your layouts are beautiful - keep up the amazing work you do.

- Laura (mom2nick)


Lovin' EVERYTHING about your scrap room, my FAVE is your shelves! I NEED some like that, they are perfect!

maggie Holmes

wow is all i can say about your studio - it is absolutely amazing!! we have a lot of similar things but it looks like your room is 2 or 3 times as big as mine - simply heaven!!


Laura,LOVE your room. I have to say the paint shelf is simply eye candy!!! And I like that you have everything where you can see so you use it. Do you have stock in that baggy company? hehe.


Laura,LOVE your room. I have to say the paint shelf is simply eye candy!!! And I like that you have everything where you can see so you use it. Do you have stock in that baggy company? hehe.

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