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June 06, 2007


Erika Follansbee

I like your idea to smash the bottle caps before using them... they're definitely too thick to be used effectively. I will have to try that! CUTE layouts! I love all that old KI, I still have it hoarded because I loved it too much to use it. (gotta get over that too!)


4 layouts in 1 day? that is impressive! those layouts are awesome. wish i can be that productive...lol.

congrats on the layout in scrapbook etc. gonna watch out for that issue:)


Those are so cute! I love all the layouts, and I love what you did with the bottlecaps. I've been loathe to use them because of their bulkiness...but I may have to get some now and pound them thin!!!


Laura the layouts are great just might inspire me to scrap again sometime soon. Since I am off the month of July I will have more time to try and get some done.
I always love your photo's!

kori babb

great layouts! as always....and i've been meaning to mention the sb etc. issue...i was all excited when i saw a layout in there by you! :) loved it.


I love your new layouts. You inspire me to scrap something, if I could just find my mojo that I have misplaced. I got the Scrpbook Etc today and I saw your layout in it. Congrats and love the layout.
Have a great weekend.

Erika Follansbee

my magazine just came in the mail today--Congratulations!! Your LO looks fantastic!


wowzas!!! i'd say that's a rocking couple of days!!! LOVE the layouts! esp the pretty one . . . but then, that was my fave photo from your last post . . . and super congrats on the box of mm goodies and the sbetc pub!!! :D


Man you were on a roll. 4 layouts. I'm good if I can get 1 1/2. lol But I'm lovin those layouts. Lovin the colors you chose for your daughters room. I'm thinking about fuschia and lime for my bedroom but I can't make up my mind.

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