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June 20, 2007



Love the tilt can you teach me? Mine always look like I did something wrong when I tilt, maybe I just do it too much or something LOL

Michelle Payne

Lauara, I've done a little tilting with my photos too. It takes some getting use to but I like it too. Love Sara's bedroom. Amazing color, so fun and fresh looking.


I love the shirt. My 21 year old would wear it in a heartbeat. And I recently took a photography class from Allison Tyler Jones...she showed some great pictures with cut off heads. She even said go in closer and closer. I shot a couple of pics tilted and love it. So know I don't think your crazy.....maybe a litlle corky (is that a word ), but in a good way. It shows you have character (lol).


Oh, and I love the bedroom.

Erika Follansbee

LOVE the room, Laura!! That is the most perfect girl's room ever. You did an awesome job with the colors and themes. So fresh and pretty and clean! That furniture is to die for.

I'm with you on the tilt! Love the tilt! It IS funny how some people don't get it, and others do.


Wow!! i love the new look in sarah's room. The polka dots and all the colors just seem 2 fit her bubbly personality. I think ur mom did a great job helping u with all the painting and hardware mounting too. as 4 the tilting i'm all for it, it makes it more interesting 2 me :)


Happy birthday to your princess! And I absolutely love the colors in her room!!!!!! Very retro chic! lol


I guess I like the tilt because I have never noticed that your pictures were on an angle. Now I need to go look at my pictures and see if I do it. LOVE the room! I am sure she was beside herself!


Hi Laura,

I LOVE her room! You did a great job. I had a question about her furniture, specifically the desk and chair. Where did you get it?

We just recently bought new furniture for my DD (she's 6) and the only piece still not purchased is a desk/chair. Her furniture is all white too. I'm hoping to tackle the painting this summer though I'm not one to paint but I told my DH I would give it a try.

Thanks for your help!



This is SO cute! The whole room is just HAPPY! I'd love to know where you got the desk as well - it's on my list to get this summer for my DD. Thanks so much !

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