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June 26, 2007



Laura - read Stacy Julian's *Big Picture Scrapbooking* - she has an excellent way of storing and tagging photos. Ought to fit right in with your anal-ism. If you don't like her system, maybe you can incorporate parts of it for your storage. It's too early in the morning, or I would give you a short overview of her system. Just read it!


I had a nice booster seat for my son - dark blue and a tan and blue pad for the seat, with a tan tray. NOT the bright stuff. And the bib - well, Walmart sells these GREAT bibs, made out of vinyl, that are large, have snaps at the bottom to make a great pocket (that keeps LIQUID in, since there is no seam), and it's easily washable. AND, they have some not-so-bright-and-scary colors, too. My son's is white with yellow trim and a frog on it.

Photo storage? Don't even get me started. My husband BUGS me to get it done. I can't even FIND all the pictures now....sigh.


Ealier this year I took Stacy Julian's online class about photo storage and I really loved it. The idea was to take all of your photos and put them in photo albums (3 up type). This is your photo storage system. You can see them, scrap from the albums and eventually get rid of or put into what she called "cold storage" (photo boxes) the ones you don't want. Then you sort out photos you really want to scrap and put those into photo drawers (or a box) sorted by family members, places you love, things (xmas, etc), and people you love. I'm not doing a good job of describing this part but it works. I have started to print out a large majority of my pictures monthly and putting them into the photo albums. This part was my favorite because it takes the pressure off of me to scrap every picture. If I don't get to scrap it, it's ok, because now it can still be seen and loved by my family in the photo albums. The class is being offered again in Jan on bigpicturescrapbooking.com and I thought it was worth the money. You also get to have weekly chats with Stacy herself which was soooo great!
Good luck. And by the way, I'm still working on sorting old pictures into photo albums, our extra room is FULL of little piles of pictures - LOL.


I get my pictures printed about every month or so. All of my prints go into 3-up type photo albums and I order doubles for the ones that I plan on scrapping. ALL of my photos for the past 15 years are kept chronologically in albums. My kids and family members love looking at them. The "extra" photos that I have ordered for scrapping are sorted by child/event in their own photo box. I scrap whatever I feel like, no pressure since they're all already in the albums.

For my daycare photos they go into separate daycare photo albums (chronologically) and they are left out in our entryroom where families are always welcome to look at them (I also send home doubles for the kids). I have never scrapped any of my daycare kids, I barely have time to scrap my own!

Oh, and I don't use any booster seats for my kiddos-I have a preschool sized table. But for the littlest I have a high-chair called a Chairrie from Discount School Supply. It's wooden with a white tray........totally not distracting/too colorful in photos!

Good luck getting it all sorted out!


laura . . . you look maaaaaaaahvelous! love the new do . . . :D

and you're photo storage issues . . . no help here . . . you have my head spinning . . . lol . . . :D

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