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June 27, 2007



I just wanted to say that tonights post was a good one. I really enjoyed reading it. It is funny you mentioned trace, because I was parked by his mom last week, and he popped in to mind. I miss chating with him when I would pick up or drop off the girls. He was so funny with his didi.
I love all of the pics that you posted. The one of all the girls is really cute. Lastly, I just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow with all the girls. I feel really bad when they are all off track and home with you. Don't forget I give my permission to use the closet. LOL!!
See you bright and early.


wow, i can tell that each one of your childcare kids are special to you. they are lucky to have you in their lives too:)


Laura so sad that your were sad. I know from the times I saw Trace with you how much you truly cared about him. He was quite the little charature LOL. Too bad his mom never gave you at least the courteousy of a today is his last day or last week was his last week sorry I forgot to tell you.
But on a good note I think he will always have a special place for his (wara as I heard him call you) Take Care

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