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July 16, 2007



Laura I hope the day off is good to you. It is so hard to relax when you are in pain but you really should try and just not do anything today (yes I said anything) I know you too well and you always push yourself and try to please people but please remember your health first! Take Care and I will talk to you soon.


I'm so sorry you hurt your back! Sounds like you definitly needed a day for just "Laura". I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. For the back and the fibro. Hope you get some good rest and a Starbucks! lol Take care...

Erin Bassett

Hey Laura, I know how you're feeling....I was diagnosed with Lupus a while ago. It totally stinks, especially since I can't take any meds since we're trying to get pg. Anyways, things that really help me is to NOT STRESS (just a little stress is REALLY bad for me), eat well, exercise & see a chiropractor. I hope you have a great day off today & that you get a chance to relax!


I hope you are feeling better soon!
And I sure hope your good news has something to do with MM, I still think you are a perfect fit for them...


Enjoy your day off, you totally deserve it. I know it's hard, especially when to everyone else you seem just fine, hang in there!


I'm so sorry to hear about your back, i hope you are feeling better. My prayers are with you and if you need anything call me!! I think taking a day was the best thing to do, don't feel bad.

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