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July 08, 2007



Hey Laura sorry I haven't been around for a while we will have to catch up. It took me like an hour just to read your blog because I hadn't been here in a while LOL. Anyways love the random posts. And my heart goes out to you with your neighbor I will fill you in on what happened with my crazy neighbor last week (and the police didn't even take her away!). Love your work always have and now that I am off work for a bit maybe we can get together and scrap. Talk to you soon :)


Did you ever hear the "redneck neighbor" stories a few years back? Go to http://www.geocities.com/redneckneighborhell/ and check it out. It is really hilarious, you should start posting stuff like this about your neighbor. Some people are just too strange! Can't wait to see pictures of the new hair.


Hey - I have the same neighbor as you! No...not quite...but they seem to not understand the concept of "turn the music down". We have a duplex (rented) and our neighbor's 17 y/o son plays rap music with the bass all the way up - the pictures on my walls rattle!!! OF COURSE...he's in what is supposed to be the MASTER BEDROOM, but the 'rents put him there and made themselves a suite downstairs (or maybe they didn't trust him enough to give him that private space?). But anywho - I get lulled to sleep by the boom boom boom of bass (NOT!).

BTW - got my books today - and you said you were throwing in a few more goodies...YOU WEREN'T KIDDING! Thanks for all the great stuff! I'm picking through it as soon as I'm done posting!

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