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July 20, 2007



Have you seen the 3M ATG gun? That's what I use for adhesive. It's pricey, $45 for the gun, but refills are so cheap, it is worth it in the long run. 36 yards worth of refill is between $4.30 and $6.50 depending on the width of the tape you want. You can get it at bindingsource.com and many other places if you are interested. It'll save money in the long run.

Erin Bassett

LOVE my ATG!!! -Got it for $34 at framingsupplies.com. The adhesive sticks REALLY well & refills are super cheap.

LOVE my MM paper cutter!!! -It's self-sharpening & cuts fabulously!


I got my Scrapbooks, Etc early this week and was thrilled to see yet another of your layouts...and love to point out that I "know" you, lol! I thought that layout of Ady and her busyness was too cool!!!!

What kind of cutter do you use? I love, love, LOVE my Carl cutter. It's a rotary cutter, so it doesn't tear or rip, cuts fairly straight (well, when I put the paper in straight, lol) It has a great selection of blades (scoring and perforating, as well!) and the cutting mats are LONG-LASTING, because you can turn them over 4 different ways! I got mine on QVC, but Wilde-Ideas is always having sales on them and the blades, etc. Mine is the PRT-100, which is a good 12 x 12 cutter, but they have larger ones.

As for your scrapping mojo - mine's been gone a LONG, LONG time...

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