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October 24, 2007



Your blog totally cracks me up much of the time. I look forward to it daily. And I never get tired of hearing you complain (I can totally relate). Always here if you need me!
Take Care
PS I can't stand flying things either LOL

Wendy Sue

So glad you got him...I have nightmares of waking up with some "flying" thing crawling on me..ewwwwww...and I think you're totally dreaming about a layout called "Pretty..." :o) I just searched your blog trying to help you find it and it's not anywhere to be found - I DID find some other cute things I haven't seen before though, so it was totally worth it! :O)

Erika Follansbee

Glad you got that moth! I know what you mean, you can't rest if you know something alive is creeping around your house.

I'm so sorry about the pain that you're in.... I wish there was something they could do for you! It seems crazy with all our modern medicine that you have to suffer like that.

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