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October 02, 2007


Wendy Sue

You are SO right - sometimes we just need a place to vent and get things off our shoulders. I'm sorry the party didn't go as planned...I hope Alyssa is doing okay. I wish I lived closer, I'd totally help with your kids so you could go to the doctor - hopefully a real doctor can find out what is wrong so you can feel better and be able to do whatever you need to do (you know, like walk...). Lots of hugs!!


Laura hang in there! I don't usually do slumber parties because of all the things you mentioned and the worse part is the birthday girls always gets caught in the middle because girls can be so mean and make them pick sides.
Now with the Dr. you have to go in there and demand they do more testing. My Dr. kept telling me I was depressed and there was nothing wrong with my and then low and behold I had stage two colon cancer (no what on earth depression what was he thinking I told him my stomach hurt LOL)
Anyways I know I am not always around to talk to these days with work but I am pretty good with e-mail LOL and I will call soon.


You vent anytime you feel like it. And I understand the party thing. I can't tell you how many times my girls have had things go wrong at their party. And even now as adults they are still sensitive when friends they really want there don't show up Thankfully I have big family and this past week when my daughter turned 23 they showed up in droves. Helped a whole lot when about 5 invited guest backed out the day of the party. Quisha said it ended up being the best party ever because she spent it with family.

Debi C

So sorry about the party, but it really is a girl thing. Both my daughters had similar experiences with their birthday sleepovers. Lots of tears. Ugh!! I am expecting you will need a scan of your knee. Probably not a bone problem, but a tendon, muscle or miniscus which can only be viewed by a scan. Hope you can get some help with it soon. Healing takes so long with these kind of things. And lastly, I so understand about having the computer be a link to the outside world. It was nice to hear someone voice my feelings and know I wasn't the only one who feels this way.


Holy Moly, girl! Sounds like you've got way too much on your plate! GO TO A REAL DOCTOR AND DEMAND SOME ANSWERS!! Obviously something is not right. So sad about Alyssa's party. It is so hard watching your own children facing the realities of life. It sucks, really. Hang in there! :) ((hugs))

Erika Follansbee

Your blog is your place to vent all you want, about anything you want! That's such a tough age for girls, and it's sad that Alyssa got stuck in the middle. I hope she didn't take it to heart too much!
I hope you get some answers about your knee/leg! Sounds like a doozy.
What tv show was it that you liked?


So sad when girls go up from being all sweet & innocent to mean & nasty! I feel bad for Alyssa-hope she remembers the good part of the party rather than the drama! I feel so bad about your knee! You get it looked at RIGHT & don't let some kook tell you otherwise! (Kinda happened to me with my back) Keep venting-we're listening!

Lisa D

Ditto what was said above Laura...vent anytime -- it's certainly justified!
Poor Alyssa! I am hoping she remembers the good stuff from her party, and not the bad. Guess it'll be a while till another slumber party happens, eh?!!!

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