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October 29, 2007



i really don't know what to say, but im going to try. sometimes change is good. i think that if the communication was alittle better we wouldn't be here talking about change, but we are. and we need to move on, and work past this. sometimes you need to put yourself in the other persons shoes, and look and see how it would make you feel to really understand how to cope with the situation. Life is full of tough decisions, and i feel this was one of the hardest one's i have had to make. But i need to go with my gut now. i hope we can move past this and keep moving on.


Laura, I don't know you personally only through your blog but I think you're amazing. You do so much for everyone around you it makes me sad to see you sad. I hope things work out and you are able to get beyond your hurt feeling. Keep on blogging and letting your feelings out. We all need an outlet of some sort and this seems to be working for you. Hugs. Keri


Laura praying for a better day today, and hoping that the change ( whatever it is ) will work out in the end.


Laura while at the time change may be hard I truely believe it that God will get you through it and make you a stronger person because of it.


Laura, my thoughts are with you. Just remember to live life for YOU. Do what's best for YOU and YOUR family. All of the un-important and unhappy stuff will just fall away, ya know? Hang in there!


Don't know what to say entirely but I hope things work out for the best for you. I feel for you & hate to see you upset. You're a wonderful person & this will only make you stonger. Good luck with everything!


I'm sorry to see that you are feeling hurt Laura, I hope you can work through it and start to feel better. I love reading your blog ... try and keep smiling. :)

Erika Follansbee

Laura, I'm not sure what happened but I really hate to see you hurt and upset! Through your blog I've gotten to know you as a very dedicated person who loves her family and life and has a wide range of interests, and will do anything for anybody! I hope things work out soon.


I don't know what happened, but I encourage you to continue to be real. You know your intent in life, even if you can't explain it well enough in this blog to prevent whatever change it was that happened from happening. And you are human, as is every mom on the planet. Some days with the mom thing we wake up and think, "I can totally do this." Some days we wake up and think, "I can totally NOT do this." Same with our jobs, kids, hobbies, commitments, faith, and friends. So, whatever it is, keep being your authentic self. And even if it is a painful change, you will not have had to censor who you are and fake your way into preventing it.
Glad to see that the comments are boosting you.

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