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October 08, 2007



So nice to see the picture of you. Did you darken your hair? Love the hat by the way and the pic's of the girls look good too.

Erika Follansbee

what a great picture of you, Laura! Love the repetition of the orange. Nice composition. And yes, those pictures of the girls are better than the ones from before, the light isn't as harsh (not that they were bad before!)


I love the picture of you. Funny, my 22 year old daughter has been trying to teach that technique to me a while. I still don't reallly get it (lol). Allison Tyler Jones taught it to us in a photography lecture. Nicki got it right away!

Lisa D

Great photos Laura. I thought the girls photos yesterday were great too! Good to see a picture of you...the girls did well with their photography lesson! I love how the orange is consistent...looks great. You have really nice blue eyes, btw! The hat looks great too!

Lisa D

Okay, so how many times DID I say "great" in the comment above! ROFLOL


Loved the girls pics before but these are even better--if that's possible! Wish I took pics as wonderfully as you do! The girls did a great job too! You look great! Cool hat!

kori babb

i just can't keep up with you girl! you're so good at updating your blog. :) love the picture of you. you look marvelous! :) hope you're doing ok.....we're just busy being busy! hugs....

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