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October 31, 2007


Sandy Goldman

Laura, I love your challenge on the M.M. website. You are so creative and I just love your work. If you are ever on the East Coast (Philly area), let me know. I would love to meet you and maybe you could even teach a class at my LSS.

What I really like about your blog, which is a reflection on yourself, is that you are very direct to the point, say it like it is...good or bad. Not many people can just put themselves out there like that. Reality is that not every day is going to be peachy and not everyone enjoys what they do 150% of the time. That is life.

Keep up the great work!!!!



Love the cutie photo's of the girls! I love that it was still light out. I only got photo's of Holly while it was light no one else was quite ready LOL.


Oh my gosh they are so cute! I took some pictures of my kids and right as I finished my battery died. Whew! lol

kori babb

the girls look so cute! hope halloween was fun and safe! we had a great time! the weather was perfect! got way more candy than we'll ever eat! (or need!!)


WOW! You got the BEST Halloween pics (of course)! The girls look so cute in their costumes! I regret to say that I only got a few good ones out of the 100+ pics I took! I'm considering a do-over without the trick or treating!!! You wouldn't mind coming to NJ to take those pics would ya?? LOL!

Lisa D

Great photos Laura. I especially love the one of Sarah "sweeping" leaves out front! Perfect shot, and too funny. If it makes ya feel any better my boys might now know what a rake is either and they're a lot older than your girls!

Maricarmen Maza

The girls look so cute!

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