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October 03, 2007



this little boy seems quite funny !
he remembers me of my own son (he's just turned 3, and is now going to school)

He's VERY talkative too, sometimes it just seems like he's 10 ! He plays with words, ask questions all the time, and remembers ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING !

sometimes it's exhausting... but what a joy to have them !

kori babb

omg this kid cracks me up! too funny! wonder if he'll be back? :) ha ha


Laura I just might have to stop by sometime and see this new little guy he's quite the comedian :)


LOL!!! You need to post more comments from the "mouth of babes"! What a crack up.

Lisa D

omg Laura I am soooo laughing over here at all of Matthew's conversations! He is hysterical! The comment about his shoes costing 30 gallons is hysterical!

Erika Follansbee

whoa, that kid is SASSY!! Ha ha! Sounds like a handful! :)

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