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October 17, 2007


Erika Follansbee

What a great picture! He did a wonderful job. It's so nice to have pictures of ourselves that we actually like.
And I totally know how crazy it can be to try to tell people how to work your camera and how to compose the shot, they're all like "HUH?" I know with my mom she can't even understand the whole "hold the shutter button halfway down to focus". There is no half-way for her. She is either not touching it at all or smashing it down as hard as she can.

Lisa D

Very good photo Laura. Joe did good, indeed! Don't stress over the assignments...they'll get done and they'll be fabulous, like always! Oh, and I must've spent half an hour searching through the newest Scrapbooks ETC magazine looking for anything from you...but couldn't see anything...did ya skip this month? Waaahhhhh!!!

Wendy Sue

Your Joe did a wonderful job - you look great!! Good luck with those assignments, I'm sure they'll be perfect! :o)


So glad you have a picture of yourself you like and even better everyone will love it! You look great in that hat by the way. I can't wait to get mine from the mail guy LOL.


WTG Joe!
It's a very pretty/cool shot of you!

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