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October 25, 2007


Erika Follansbee

I'm still trying to find time to watch Prison Break from Monday.... sheesh!! I know what you mean, they pile up and you can't get to them!


And Cyndi so appreciates those knobs ( so does my hubby ). We have been in this house for 15 years....figure its about time we had knobs on the cabinets. Thanks Laura. I love the idea of putting my blog notes in a book. I have seen the site you are talking about. Figured its a lot of work....maybe one day. Problem is I have several blogs (lol). My scrap blog, my family blog and my women's group blog ( not to mention the fact that hubby and I manage our churches website and their blogs). Ok, just realized that makes me a blog fanatic! And that's my rambling for today. Let me know how it goes.


LOL Laura I know you are upset about school being out but I am saying YAY!!! Since I work at the school now I can actually get some work done (however from 8 to 12 noon today I will be at your school for a meeting) I really don't want to go I would rather be at work getting my work done so I don't have to go in on the weekends or stay late each night but oh well. I will talk to you soon! And yes please make your blog into a book that would be so fun!

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