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October 19, 2007



Sarah's fun side always shows through in her pictures! Way to go on the assignments and tell the girls good luck with their soccer games!


Great recent photos of you Alyssa and Sarah ... I love the girl's outfits ... so cute!

I got my order of Deck the Halls today and you were SO right ... it is a GORGEOUS line, I just adore the glittered papers and chipboard stickers. I have lots of ideas for Christmas projects now! Do you have a link to what you made with your's? I'd love to see!

I hope you manage to catch up on your programmes!



gorgeous photos throughout your blog Laura!!!


Laura..Wow..spent lots of time snooping around your blog...and your 2peas gallery..you layouts are amazing..you are sooo very taletned!! A tried my hand at scrapping, but just didn't have the patience for it..got frustrated so easily...actaully that is what led me to photography, I wanted my pictures for the pages to better..so I started studying how to use my camera..and now, I'm full blown obsessed! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments..it's always nice to hear someone likes my work..and BTW, your daughter is a doll..such a cute little outfit!

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