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October 04, 2007


Wendy Sue

really...you're not digging the green walls? As soon as I opened up your blog and saw them I thought how much I loved them!

I hope tomorrow's a better day - I think it takes a VERY special person to take care of other people's children...I know I could never do it. And you're entitled to have a bad day at work, just like anyone else!!

Have a great weekend! :o)

Lisa D

I'm loving those green walls too.
What I thought when I opened the blog, other than the lovely green walls, was that you obviously care deeply for these kids you watch. It shows in your photpgraphy.
It's not easy taking care of others, and I remember those exact feelings myself, like kids were being dropped off to me and their parents got to live life and what the heck was I doing! Hang in there, and hope today is a better day...


Oh my goodness. You really are a blessing. I take my hat off to you. Sometimes my three were enough to drive me batty ( they still do sometime at age 22, 23, and 24). How you dod it with all you have on you, plus your own family and still scrap such great layouts! Amazing!!


Forgot to add I love the green wall, and the kids look content and happy and having fun. That's saying a lot.


I really admire your ability to take care of all those kids too. Remember, you are the one that share their milestones and special moments with and they will always be part of your life and yours theirs. Do I make sense?LOL. They are cute kids though:)


You are awesome and so appreciated! Maybe not by the babies yet. lol But the parents who trust you with their most special person, you are irreplaceable. Thank you for all you do!


Laura you may get burned out at times but I have seen you in action with those kiddo's and let me tell you they are lucky to have you because you really do treat them as if they were your own and their parents are lucky because of all the great photo's they get by you watching them. Wanna watch mine LOL just kidding. Hugs

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