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January 09, 2008



THanks for the info Laura! Its awesome to have such a handy mom!

Erika Follansbee

I am always in awe of that island every time I see it, it is an incredible piece of furniture! Your mom rocks! I have been stressing over this tiny little unfinished shelf/ledge I bought for Drew's room and I can barely figure out how to stain it. So your island is just amazing to me.


I SO want your room....jealousy again.

And I recognized the Littlest Pet Shop toys, lol!

Laura T.

Thanks again for posting!!! I have to give my father a call tonight (lol).

Sasha Farina

how I wish I live near you so I can have your mom build that for me... urmmm... maybe I shd migrate! LOL!

wendy sue

Wow - your mom is an amazing woodworker...or "builder" as my boys would call it - they so want to be BOB (the builder) when they grow up, lol. I also think you are an amazing organizer to know how you wanted it built - and it always looks so beautiful!! :o)


Everytime I see this island, Laura, I am just amazed! This is awesome and how lucky are you that your mom was able to make it for you! :) So so so very cool!


Thanks for the pics Laura! You're room is awesome indeed. Now only if I lived about 1500 miles closer to you, I could have your mom build one for me.


OK you can now count your Mom as another fantastically clever & creative woman that I admire!! She ROCKS! LOVE your organization & how much open space you have to work on!! TFS!!

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