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January 16, 2008



Great photos.

LOL at the amount of photos you've taken. I've just got a new PC and put all the photos from the old to the new PC. I think it turned out about 12000 photos in about 4 years so I have some sorting to do!

Sasha Farina

stalker alert..! LOL...

goodness... she is just gorgeous! such beautiful pictures Laura!!


I love that photo of Amanda with her hair down ... she's got the most beautiful hair and the happiest little face.

Love that you take your stuff downstairs everyday ... optimism is a great way to go about it, even if you aren't always/often successful in getting it done then! Funny how us scrappers are always thinking and looking for the opportunities to get creative.


Your pictures are wonderful. What settings do you use on your camera when you're doing a "shoot" with the kids?

Fab pic's.


I laughed so hard when I read that 1st part of matching the clothes to the scrap stuff you want to play with! It's something I've done!!! LOL!! She's got such a beautiful smile! Love her hair down....

I've gotten your last e-mails...I just have to stop blogging & respond to yours!! Or maybe take down the rest of the decorations...tough choice!!!! LOL!!!

danni perez

she is adorable. can't wait to see the lo that matches her shirt.lol
geez girl- over 8,000 pictures in 2 years!!
your photos are always gorgeous.

Laura T.

What great pictures ---- and oh my gosh that hair is gorgeous --- what a lucky girl. Tell her to NEVER get her hair layered. I once had beautiful hair like that, got it layered when I was in the 7th grade, and then my hair went curly. Oh how I wish I could go back to straight hair.


Great photo's of Amanda and I love that you showed us an older one of her as well. She is just too cute.

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