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January 14, 2008



Boy you make me laugh. lol. I do exactly the same thing, click on blogs, click on the names under comments on blogs and get lost. But I find some pretty amazing sites by doint that. Love the layouts you did (the ones you lifted). I'm so jealous that you have the love story AND garden party collections. Australia is so slow to get everything. Hope your eye gets better soon.

Sasha Farina

love love love your random stuffs!! did u finally make that brownie yet? and what? no picture? No fair! LOL!

Laura T.

It sounds like you have a sty on your eye. I've had those before and yes, they are painful and annoying, but they eventually go away. Have you tried to put a hot compress over your eye?

In regards to looking at comments and then going off visting multiple blog sites - I do it all time and wonder, ok - how did I get here.


I have to admite I love your random posts. I should try and do more of those myself. Hope your eye feels better and I agree with Laura T. sounds like you have a sty. Talk to you soon.


Love your random thoughts! I get "lost" in other people's links too! Then I wonder "WHY" I don't have enough time to scrap while the girls are at school! LOL!!! Good luck with your eye. I've had pink eye & it's gross but yours does sound like a sty.

Thanks for the info on B & S. It's such a tease when they give you 1 new episode then make you wait so long for the next one!

danni perez

love random stuff.
sorry about your wall.
that happened to us years ago in our last house.
sounds like you might have a sty {how ever you spell it} in your eye. look it up on web md.com

danni perez

ohh forgot to say that i don't watch bro.and sis, but i have heard it is good. can i watch old shows on the internet?


Hi Laura -

Hey, how do you find out who visits your blog when they don't leave comments? I'd love to know who comes to see me too. I loved the random thoughts..I need to do that more often.



Sorry about your eye Laura. Yeah, I agree with the others, its probably a sty. Just put some warm compresses on it several times a day and you can wash it with a bit of baby soap diluted in water and apply with a q-tip.
I'm getting my hair highlighted tomorrow too! But, I tried it once at home a day before a big event and I looked like a blonde who had too much chlorine in her pool! LOL. So I have to pay someone...


I do the same thing with clicking through blogs - it's quite addicting and you don't realize how much time has gone by!

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